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October 2023Feral File

Inspired by my decade-long fused glass practice, amorphous lucid forms distort and magnify richly-detailed abstract backgrounds and play with our sense of scale.


March 2023Art Blocks Curated

Rooted in the friction I feel between the expansiveness of creating generative art and the tactile satisfaction I get from making with my hands, in Ceramics I tried to capture the serendipity of physical creation in a digital space.

Abstract Puzzles

2020 – 2021

Over the course of a year I designed, produced, and filmed myself solving one generative jigsaw puzzle a week. I explored various generative design techniques in search of the platonic ideal of a jigsaw.


2016 – 2021

What began as a small project about autonomous agents for my MA developed into a generative design tool and ultimately a jewellery company. You can design your own pieces of jewellery by interacting with Hexatope’s unique hexagonal grid, which I then brought to life in precious metal using 3D printing and traditional casting techniques.