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Laughing headshot of Charlotte


I think I said most of what you’d want to know about me on the homepage, apart from that I have magnets in my fingers, and a really cute miniature schnauzer called Huxley.

Health status

In January 2022 I caught COVID-19 and have been experiencing significant long-term effects since, including severe fatigue and issues with visual processing. Apologies if I’m slow to respond to emails or DMs, extended use of screens is hard for me but I’ll try to get to everything eventually, send me a nudge if it’s urgent. I’m not currently accepting any engagements involving travel. More details on my long COVID journey can be found on my YouTube channel.

Last updated September 8th 2023


Sometimes I talk about code and creativity at panels, meetups and conferences. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, email me


DateWhat happened
July 1993Born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
April 2005My first taste of programming, I built a small website to show off my Cinnamoroll drawings and the blinkie GIFs I made in Paint Shop Pro
September 2005Moved to Bath, Wiltshire to attend Monkton Combe School
September 2009Started my art and design inspiration Tumblr Pour Être Belle
May 2010Released my first Tumblr theme
July 2010The summer of hand-making chainmaille, but like, high-end chainmaille
April 2011Passed my driving test after six attempts
September 2011Moved to London
September 2011Started the Art Foundation course at Central Saint Martins, eventually specialising in Fashion Jewellery
September 2012Started Jewellery Design and Silversmithing BA at The Cass, London Metropolitan University
February 2014Started making videos about books on YouTube
June 2014First of three summers working at Long Lake Camp for the Arts in upstate New York, teaching jewellery-making and digital skills
September 2014Took a year out of university to develop my Tumblr themes business and do short courses in ceramics and glassmaking
February 2015Started my first adult job working as a web developer at ROLI
May 2016Completed my BA
September 2016Started Computational Arts MA at Goldsmiths University
April 2017Bucket list achievement of getting an IMDb page for prop-making on a music video
August 2017MA final show, exhibiting Hexatope project
September 2017Quit my job at ROLI to work on Hexatope full time
September 2017Started renting my first studio space in London Fields
October 2017Launched Hexatope Kickstarter
March 2018Launched Hexatope shop
May 2018Realised I didn’t like being a business person and decided to take on some part-time contract work while spending the rest of my time having fun in my studio
November 2018Gave my first conference talk at Material in Iceland
January 2019Created a mini-site about magnetic implants
April 2019Started a long-term contract at Farewill as the lead Front-end Engineer, building out the design system and engineering culture
September 2019Doubled my studio space by moving to Containerville
March 2020Launched a website for my book review videos,
September 2020Started sharing weekly generative art jigsaw puzzles
October 2020Got my first dog – Huxley Barkman the miniature schnauzer
September 2021Moved to Brighton with my partner Brian
November 2021Started my first full-time job as a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub on the Design Infrastructure team, working on Accessibility and the Primer design system
January 2022Caught COVID-19 for the first time
March 2023Released my first NFT project, Ceramics


This website is made with Next.js hosted on Vercel, with MDX and Sass. Fluid design aided by Utopia. Typeset in Loretta Variable.